CD review GLORIA VOLT ‘All the Way Down’

(7/10) Swiss hardrockers Gloria Volt have worked hard on their fourth album ‘All the Way Down’ and now it’s ready to be released. The band is very much into hardrock that has some boogie roots and is very much inspired by bands like AC/DC.

They quintet was on the road many times, playing some headliner shows, mainly in Switzerland, but also opened for bands like Slash and Billy Idol. Listening to ‘All the Way Down’ shows why they got the opening slots. The music works perfect for firing up fans of a main act.

Eight songs and 35 minutes doesn’t really stand for a lot of music. The more it must be the quality that should do the job and here I can say that things work very well on the album. Songs like … and … come with a good groove and a solid rock’n’roll vibe. However, the uniqueness is something you should compromise since Gloria Volt isn’t re-inventing the wheel. As mentioned in the beginning, bands like AC/DC are omnipresent and in case you don’t care about these parallels “All the Way Down’ offers enough for turning an average day into a good day.

“All the Way Down” might not lead to all  he way up and a huge break-through, but it’s for sure an entertaining longplayer that could lead to some excitement with power-chord enthusiasts.





  1. Dreamer
  2. Never Ever
  3. Lose Alone
  4. Keep This Time (In Your Heart)
  5. Dance With The Devil
  6. Live My Life
  7. Sydney
  8. Poison My Blood


Label: Lux Noise

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: May 25th, 2018

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