CD review MARC RIZZO ‘Rotation’

(8/10) Marc Rizzo’s career in metal began with Ill Nino, who had a great time in the beginning of this century.  It was in 2004 when the axeman joined Soulfly and later on, in 2007, Rizzo also became a part of Cavalera Conspiracy.

Next to his contribution to these bands the guitarist also constantly worked on solo releases, of which ‘Rotation’ is number four. Produced by no less than Chris ‘Zeuss’ Harris, the album features nine excellent instrumentals, showcasing the entire width of Rizzo’s passionate guitar play.

Rizzo enriched Soulfly albums with excellent leads and solos which were a part of an entire package and weaved into the framework of the band. With ‘Rotation’ he has the chance to unleash his entire creativity, which leads to some shred sessions and some thrashier moments (‘Signum’). What acts as a counterpart to these hard wrecking balls is ‘Ad Pila it Spanthas’. Flavored with latin music elements the tune goes back to Rizzo’s roots. After such an ‘intermezzo’, it’s the title track that follows, bringing back the raging guitars and the heavy beats.

You can see, there is a lot of diversity and creativity that comes with ‘Rotation’. Normally I’m not the biggest fan of instrumental releases, but I have to admit that ‘Rotation’ is that exciting that vocals would be more a distraction than an add-on. Good guitarist, good album, good time.





  1. Downside Up
  2. Hear Nor There
  3. Signum
  4. Spectral Intensities
  5. Ad Pila it Spathas
  6. Rotation
  7. Wicked Shattered
  8. Jungle Jam Slam
  9. Thrash Boogie


Label: Combat Records

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date EU: May 25th, 2018


Marc Rizzo ‘Rotation’ on YouTube

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