CD review LORDI ‘Sexorcism’

(6/10) One award is almost a safe bet when it comes to Lordi and their new album. The artwork belongs to the most stupid and pubescent ones in 2018. The five Finns were never famous for great cover artwork but this time they reached an all-time-low.

My hope, that the music is better than the first visual impression ended up in bitter disappointment. Lordi lives in the past, still trying to ride the wave of success from days when they represented Finland in the European Song Contest. Times have changed and Lordi is neither shocking anymore (were they ever?) nor they are creative and inspiring. Since 1992 the band offers the same thing only different and also the newest album doesn’t make any difference. Using a cokkie-cutter approach doesn’t add any surprises and vitality to ‘Sexorcism’.

‘Sexorcism’ doesn’t bring any new to the table. The thing is that Lordi stands still, not progressing  in sound and image. Songs like the title track, ‘Romeo Ate Juliet’ and the uptempo ‘Hell Has Room’ are well-crafted but they are predictable too. ‘Sexorcism’ is a marrowless record, featuring standardized hard rock songs. I have the feeling of having heard this kind of music so many times and often better. It feels like the band riding a dead horse. The thrill is gone and the scary part of this album has less to do with the masquerade of the Finnish quintet.





  1. Sexorcism
  2. You’re Tongue Got the Cat
  3. Romeo Ate Juliet
  4. Naked in My Cellar
  5. The Beast is Yet to Cum
  6. Poltergeist
  7. SCG9: The Documented Phenomenon
  8. Slashion Model Girls
  9. Rimskin Assassin
  10. Hell Has Room
  11. Hot & Satanned
  12. Sodomesticated Animal
  13. Haunting Season


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: May 25th, 2018

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