CD review FOLLOW THE CIPHER ‘Follow the Cipher’

(5/10) Like everything in life also being a reviewer means sometimes chicken, sometimes feathers. In the case of Follow The Cipher it’s more feathers than chicken. The only hard thing was to get oneself through this album a couple of times. The ‘forward’ button was damn close and the temptation of skipping some songs was extremly high.

After spinning “Follow the Cipher’ a couple of timesit’s not a positive impression that stays in mind. I wonder to what extend the hometown (Falun, Sweden) and a certain link to Sabaton helped to get this deal. It can’t be solely the music that convinced.

Follow The Cipher is the brainchild of Ken Kängström who wrote some songs for Sabaton and also acted as their studio guitarist for their ‘Heroes’ session. Now the six-stringer is described as the seasoned rising star, shining bright in the sky of modern and melodic power metal.

A certain sense for catchiness can’t be denied when it comes to Follow The Cipher’s debut album, but that was already it. Everything you get served on this longplayer has been around earlier in time and in better quality. In case you’re looking for pop metal I can recommend Beast In Black and if you want to a modern version of melodic metal you could also listen to Amaranthe. Last but not least, if you want to listen to excellent female-fronted metal with great and catchy melodies there is no better than Dutch Delain.

Follow The Cipher unveiled a debut that is full of cliche, sugar sweet melodies, trivial riffs and overdone keyboards that dominate the sound on this longplayer; the latter being a surprise as the quintet consists out of singer, two guitarists, bassist and drummer.

Songs are uninspired and bloodless. ‘Follow the Cipher’ comes with exchangeable songs that miss an own identity as well as the thrill. Last but not least I had a hard time with the vocals. Linda Toni Grahn actually has a good an powerful voice, but the way how her way of singing is squeezed into Follow The Cipher’s sound doesn’t help. Sometimes, like with ‘Valkyria’, I had the feeling that she’s getting ahead of herself more than once.

Even with the most positive way of thinking I can’t see Follow The Cipher becoming a constant factor in metal. In times when every week tones of releases hit the market I must say that there is far better stuff available; but the choice is yours.





  1. Enter the Cipher
  2. Valkyria
  3. My Soldier
  4. Winterfall
  5. Titan’s Call
  6. The Rising
  7. A Mind’s Escape
  8. Play WithFire
  9. I Revive
  10. Starlight
  11. Carlus Rex


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Melodi Power Metal

Release Date EU: May 11th, 2018



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