CD review OVERKILL ‘Live in Overhausen’

(9/10) Thrash metal pioneers Overkill returned to Oberhausen, Germany for playing a show with a special setlist. 30 years after having done their first video in the same area as being part of the Metal Hammer Roadshow, the New Jersey-based metal icons focussed on the legendary ‘Feel the Fire’ album and the extremely good ‘Horrorscope’ release. Bobby Ellsworth and Co. played both records in their entirety, which was more than a treat for fans of oldschool thrash metal.

I was lucky to witness the ‘warm-up’ show the band performed two days prior to the Oberhausen gig at Gebr. de Nobel,  Leiden (NL) and although the setlist was bit more diversified it was an amazing experience to see this quintet on stage.

Overkill ignites a firework with songs like ‘Coma’, ‘Horrorscope’, ‘Rotten to the Core’ and ‘Feel the Fire’ being timeless classics in thrash metal. These songs, together with the brilliant ‘Overkill’, defined a whole genre and are anthems when it comes to East-Coast metal music.

‘Live in Overhausen’ captures the entire vibe of an Overkill show as good as it can be done for a CD and/or DVD. Being supported by an excellent sound, the album is an super strong addition to Overkill’s impressive discography and a nice new item in your Overkill-collection. These five guys are restless role models in metal. Bobby Ellsworth, D.D. Verni and bandmates stand for authentic and down-to-earth metal and that’s one of the things why fans still love the band – next to the terrific songs. Horns up. The Wrecking Crew is livelier than ever.





  1. Coma 
  2. Infectious 
  3. Blood Money 
  4. Thanx For Nothin’ 
  5. Bare Bones 
  6. Horrorscope 
  7. New Machine 
  8. Frankenstein 
  9. Live Young Die Free 
  10. Nice Day – for a Funeral 6:26
  11. Soulitude 6:22
  12. Raise The Dead 4:12
  13. Rotten To The Core 6:57
  14. There’s No Tomorrow 3:4515. Second Son 4:58
  15. Hammerhead 3:55
  16. Feel The Fire 7:20
  17. Blood and Iron 4:11

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: May 18th, 2018

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