Review NORDIC UNION ‘Animalistic’

The first time I heard the voice of Ronnie Atkins was back in 1984 when I listened to 'Cold Killer' from Pretty Maids. No doubt, the guitars impressed but Atkins with his unique voice was a wow moment. In the meantime many years went by and the devastating news of Atkins fighting cancer was a... Continue Reading →

Review RONNIE ATKINS ‘Make it Count’

Danish rock and metal veteran Ronnie Atkins is a fighter. Since years, the iconic singer and frontman battles cancer and diagnosis aren’t positive once. Since time becomes very precious for the singer and probably also as a kind of distraction, Atkins follows his heart and puts a focus on music. The singer found with Chris... Continue Reading →

CD review RONNIE ATKINS ‘One Shot’

Ronnie Atkins, that’s one of the most iconic frontmen in rock and metal. The Danish singer is renowned as a crucial part of Pretty Maids and also enriched the Nordic Union releases with his voice, not to forget his contribution to Avantasia’s great longplayers and live shows The shock came when it was announced that... Continue Reading →

NORDIC UNION is back with a new song

Nordic Union, the band/project of Pretty Maids singer Ronnie Atkins and Swedish guitarist Eric Martensson is back with a new album. The guys debuted in in 2016 and it's the sophomore release 'Second Coming' that will be launched this year. With 'Walk Me Through the Fire' a first song has been unveiled and HERE it... Continue Reading →

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