Hamburg’s rock & metal scene in times of corona – HAFENKLANG

Covid-19 and the taken measures have a big impact on everybody individually, but have also an impact on the music business. Enough of a reason to reach out to clubs, bands,… in the greater Hamburg area to see what the situation is and how everybody can stand together to go though this. Today we start with Hafenklang and Alex, describing the situation there.

Markus Heavy Music Blog: What were your first thoughts when an imminent lockdown became apparent in the course of March? 

Alex (Hafenklang): First we didn’t really want to believe it. Our assessment of the situation though changed within 2 days and we were very worried about a possible insolvency.

MHMB: You guys at Hafenklang had a full calendar of events. How difficult is it to completely re-coordinate it? It seems almost an impossible task.

Alex: It goes stunningly good since most of the bands are eager to catch up on their tours and shows.

MHMB: The corona situation is devastating for the music business. What were your first measures in the lockdown situation and do you receive financial support by the government? 

Alex: The first measure was the registration of short-time work. Unfortunately we have not yet received any feedback regarding this. We also applied for governmental support, but nothing has yet arrived.

MHMB: Besides all the drama, you can also feel a new solidarity between bands, fans and clubs. Percentage-wise, for example, do many ticket buyers return their tickets or are you mostly supported by fans who keep their tickets? 

Alex: The solidarity is huge. We had an enormous amount of donations from guests from all over Germany and abroad. Without these donations we would probably not have survived March, thank you! Regarding tickets, we don’t really have an overview of ticket cancellations yet, but there are catch-up dates for many shows.

MHMB: Nobody knows right now how things will proceed. What’s your guess about concerts in the future. How might those concerts look like. 

Alex: I hope it will continue at some point and I am very excited about the first shows that can take place again.

MHMB: I think that the Corona crisis makes clear how important live music is. Only when you don’t have concerts anymore, you realize how important they are. To what extent can music fans support you to survive the crisis? 

Alex: People can support us by donations to the Clubstiftung Hamburg and the purchase of our shirts and tickets for shows that are announced for the future. Also don’t forget the bands and support them by buying music and merchandise. Especially for smaller bands it was often a tour de force already (…even prior to Covid-19).

MHMB: Is there anything else from your side that you would like to mention?

Alex: Thanks for everything and stay healthy. We are looking forward to seeing you when it continues!



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