DOOL unveil album details for ‘Summerland’

Dool is one of the bands that gained so much momentum over the last years, becoming a constant player in the fields of Psychedelic/Dark Rock. With just having released on album, ‘Here Now, There Then’, the band gained many fans based on stellar music. The first concerts took place in smaller rooms, like at Paradiso in Amsterdam, and evolved to a band that celebrated by fans, seeing the show at festivals like the Rock Hard Festival.

‘Summerland’ is the sophomore album from Dool and it will be released on April 10th this year via Prophecy Production. A first song, ‘Sulphur & Starlight’, has been revealed already and the etire track listing looks like this:

1. Sulphur & Starlight 
2. Wolf Moon 
3. God Particle 
4. Summerland
5. A Glass Forest
6. The Well’s Run Dry
7. Ode To The Future 
8. Be Your Sins
9. Dust & Shadow 

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