ALMANAC unveil first album details

Victor Smolski’s Almanac work on their 3rd sutio album. ‘Rush of Death’, the title of the record, will be released on March 6th via Nuclear Blast and will feature the following track listing:

  1. Predator
  2. Rush Of Death
  3. Let The Show Begin
  4. Soiled Existence
  5. Bought And Sold
  6. The Human Essence
  7. Satisfied
  8. Blink Of An Eye
  9. Can’t Hold Me Back
  10. Like A Machine

Smolski states:
“Hi everybody, it’s time: Today the first single from our new album “Rush Of Death” is released! After two warm up records ALMANAC has now reached its full power! If you like top quality hand-crafted music, you will not be disappointed! The best song-writing experiences from my 30 years + of concert and studio history with MIND ODYSSEY, RAGE, LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA and ALMANAC can be heard on this record. Brutal riffing, bombastic orchestration in the suite “Lingua Mortis Part 2”, great melodies in excitingly packaged songs! Support us and pre-order our new CD and we will thank you with mega shows throughout our concerts in February/March. We have given everything to present you with the best possible record. I’m really looking forward to your feedback! Here is our single “Predator” – a little taster of the musical journey through “Rush Of Death”!”

HERE’s also a trailer, focussing on artwork and line-up.

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