Live report EPICA & STARKILL, Webster Hall, New York – 12.01.2020

My initial plan was to just go to the Epica show in New York City for enjoying nearly two hours of great Symphonic Metal. Since you’re reading my live report now shows, that I change my plans. 

On their way back from 70,000 Tons of Metal, Epica stopped in New York City for a show at Webster Hall. It almost feels like they brought the Carribean heat to New York, since the city enjoyed a sunny 20 degrees Celcius day in Mid-January.

After US-based Starkill have ended their 30 minutes set, a quite powerful one by the way, it is Epica that takes over the stage after a short pause. It’s not the first time that I witness an Epica show but it’s a premier for me to see them outside Holland.

‘Samadhi’/‘Resign to Surrender’ is the excellent starting point for this nearly 2 hours concert that is a blast from start to end. Band and fans are present right away and the vibe and the energy that flows through the venue is incredible. Epica’s focus for this show goes to the ‘Design Your Universe’-album, a milestone release for the band that celebrates its 10 years anniversary. The 10 songs, played of the album, are the centerpiece of the show and everybody seems to heavily enjoy it. You can see in the faces of the musicians the fun they have playing this concert, looking into an audience that gets wilder and wilder with each song played. Jumping and crowdsurfing starts right away and circle pits started more than once too, with the biggest one taking place during the closer ’Consign to Oblivion’. 

Next to the unleashed energy in the room it is the sound that is bombastic. Simone Simons is in fine voice, Mark Jansen’s growls are excellent and so is the two-guitar riff power. During ‘Sancta Terra’ Coen Janssen grabs his half-round mobile keyboard and perfoms in the photo pit just to continue playing as crowdsurfer, carried by many hands, while Isaac Delahaye has his ‘moment of fame’ with introducing the word of the day, which is … ‘Wow’. Can’t be a better one for this night.

Webster Hall is a nice venue, an old theater with a lot of charm and identity. This building is full of history and is a perfect scenery for this Epica concert. A great light show supports the visual impression a lot with the highlight of fans turning on their flashlights on their mobiles during ‘Tides of Time’. The light, generated by the phones, gives the scenery an almost magic expression. It’s music, light, show and spirit that makes this concert to a special one and that’s why I decided to write these few words as a report.

I’m impressed and I haven’t seen an Epica show that has such a tight connection between fans and band. Awesome … and a benchmark for all the upcoming Epica shows. After nearly 2 hours the fulminant show comes to an end with satisfied Epica fans leaving the Webster Hall with a big smile on their faces.

Location: Webster Hall, New York City, USA

Date: January 12th, 2020

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