CD review D-A-D ‘A Prayer For the Loud’

(8/10) D-A-D is one of the most important musical exports coming from Denmark. The band that premiered in 1986 with ‘Call of the Wild’ achieved a break-through three years later with the acclaimed ‘No Fuel Left For the Pilgrims’. Together with the equally good ‘Riskin’ It All’ longplayer D-A-D celebrated big successes and definitely had the momentum on their side.

Thirty years after ‘No Fuel Left For the Pilgrims’ hit the shelves it’s album number twelve that ends an eight years wait. The new longplayer connects to the mentioned earlier releases and showcases a band that unleashes their energy and passion for Hard Rock. ‘A Prayer for the Loud’, a title that speaks for itself, features eleven songs that are all great rockers.

The new album doesn’t comprise of experiments or new twists. The beauty of this release is the spot-on rock’n’roll power that hits the listener right away. ‘A Prayer for the Loud’ comes without frills and decoration and the songs that made on this longplayer are boiled down to the essence with melodies that invite for a bigger fan chant during live shows.

‘A Prayer for the Loud’ unfolds its fascination right away and as soon as you drop the needle for starting the opener ‘Burning Star’ you’re caught in the spirit of Rock. Recorded at Grapehouse Studios in Copenhagen, with longtime companions Nick Foss and Rune Nissen Petersen at the helm, the quartet picks up the spirit of the late ‘80s and shifted it into the present.

To get an idea of what ‘A Prayer for the Loud’ is about I suggest to check out songs like the cool rockin’ title track and the smashing ‘Happy Days in Hell’ Other songs you for sure shouldn’t miss is ‘The Sky is Made of Blues’. and the soulful ‘A Drug for the Heart’. These tunes belong to the most emotionally D-A-D songs in decades.

‘A Prayer for the Loud’ is an album that brings D-A-D and their fans back to a time when the Danish quartet started an impressive journey though the fields of rock. Enjoy the party time



  1. Burning Star
  2. A Prayer for the Loud
  3. Nothing Ever Changes
  4. The Sky is Made of Blues
  5. The Real Me
  6. No Doubt about It
  7. A Drug for the Heart
  8. Musical Chairs
  9. Time is a Train
  10. Happy Days in Hell
  11. If the World Just

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: May 31st, 2019



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