CD review HARDLINE ‘Life’

(8/10) The 1992 album ‘Double Eclipse’ was a great start for Hardline, initiated by the Gioeli brothers. Unfortunately the great start wasn’t followed by a great continuation. It took ten years and some line-up changes before the second album ‘II’ saw the light of day. Since then the band releases longplayers on a more regular base and it’s ‘Life’ that stands for a next sign of life of the quintet.

The only founding member that’s still active in Hardline is frontman Johnny Gioeli and it’s his voice being a crucial trademark of Hardline’s sound. ‘Life’ is for sure lively release, featuring Hard Rock that’s built on the strong pillars of cool riffs, well-done hooks and catchy vocal lines. Hardline’s success formula is that the guys found the right mix of sounding heavy by also adding melodies that allow for a fan chant right away.

Also the new album doesn’t need a lot of spins to blossom. Songs work right away and it’s Gioeli’s voice that adds power and feel to each of the twelve songs. There isn’t a bad moment on the album and songs like to classic rock oriented ‘Hold On to Right’ are well-crafted Rock anthems that spread a joyful vibe.

Hardline delivers with ‘Life’ to expectations. If you’re a fan of the band you can easily go for this release too. You will not be disappointed.



  1. Place To Call Home
  2. Take A Chance
  3. Helio’s Sun
  4. Page Of Your Life
  5. Out Of Time
  6. Hold On To Right
  7. Handful Of Sand
  8. This Love
  9. Story Of My Life
  10. Who Wants To Live Forever
  11. Chameleon
  12. My Friend

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: April 26th, 2019



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