CD review EMERALD ‘Restless Souls’

(8/10) Swiss Heavy Metal isn’t a new player in the fields of Metal music. The band started their endeavor on the late 90’s of the last century and premiered in 1999 with ‘Rebels of Our Time’. Since then the quintet is a constant bringer of music with a new album nearly every third year. Although albums like ‘Unleashed’ were critically acclaimed the band never made into the bigger spotlights.

After some line-up changes demands some time, the dust settled with new guys on board and Reckoning Day’ was a strong return. Two years later the Swiss powerhouse has with ‘Restless Souls’ a next album in the starting block, a longplayer that features twelve songs in the typical Emerald fashion.

The new album includes a further level of fine-tuning of Emerald’s Heavy Metal. Powerful riffs, well-crafted melodies and a restless working rhythm-section are the main pillars of ‘Restless Souls’. Starting with the galloping ‘Freakshow’ via the melodic ‘Cad Goddeu’ to the thundering closing statement ‘Heaven Falls Down’ the album became a solid Heavy Metal record. Emerald is long enough in business to know how things work and they used the experience to their favor. Together with an unbroken passion for Metal the band is a consistency factor in a fast changing world. Horns up.



  1. Freakshow
  2. Valley of Death
  3. Digital Slavery
  4. Son of Sam
  5. My Final Stand
  6. The Wicked Force
  7. Cad Goddeu
  8. Restless Soul
  9. Set me Free
  10. Superhero
  11. Heaven Falls Down
  12. Revenge (Bonus)

Label: Rock Of Angels Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 17th, 2019



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