CD review JACK SLAMER ‘Jack Slamer’

(8/10) Jack Slamer, that’s not a dude, that’s a band comprising of Florian Ganz, Cyrill Vollenweider, Marco Hostettler, Hendrik Ruhwinkel and Adrian Böckli. The quintet calls Winterthur in Switzerland their homebase and it was in th year 2006 when the base for this powerhouse was laid.

‘Noise from the Neighbourhood’ was the title of the debut, that hit the shelfs in 2012 and seven years further down the road it’s ‘Jack Slamer’, originally released in 2016, that gets another boost by being released by Nuclear Blast. Having inked a deal with the German label allows the five guys from the Alps to reach a much wider group of Rock enthusiasts, than solely the core fanbase in their home-country.

Jack Slamer’s music is very much rotted in Rock and Blues. The sound of this five-piece band reminds of bands Rival Sons, but also takes a lot inspiration from legends like Deep Purple and the mighty Led Zeppelin. What could easily sound like a cover band of the before mentioned pioneers gets out of the box very well. Although Jack Slamer is inspired by the sound of ’70s Rock the guys manage to transfer the sound into the here and now. It’s their own sound they create – warm, organic and loud. It’s hard to not be fascinated by grooving melodies, thundering basslines and heavy riffs, all rounded off by the well-executed vocals of frontman Florian Ganz.

‘Jack Slamer’ is a powerful Rock album. It shows that a retro sound doesn’t need to get across dusted and old-fashioned. This album makes a lot of fun and I’m already curious about the band’s third strike.



  1. Turn Down The Light
  2. Entire Force
  3. The Wanted Man
  4. The Truth Is Not A Headline
  5. Red Clouds
  6. Biggest Mane
  7. The Shaman And The Wolves
  8. There’s No Way Back
  9. I Want A kiss
  10. Secret Land

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: May 3rd, 2019



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