CD review THE DAMNED THINGS ‘High Crimes’

(7/10) The Damned Things, that’s a project initiated by Anthrax’s Scott Ian and Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman. The guys started a first conversation nine years ago and found some common ground when it comes to music and idols in Rock and Metal. Next to a passion for dirty Rock music in general, it’s bands like Thin Lizzy the duo identified as common influence on their musical career.

After having released with ‘Iconiclast’ a first album some years ago, it’s ‘High Crimes’ that marks a second step of this project that includes next to the two initiator also Andy Hurley (d), Keith Buckley (v) and Dan Adriano (b).

The Damned Things can’t be compared with any of the mothership-bands. This project is about Hard Rock that sometimes includes a certainPunk vibe (‘Carry a Brick’, ‘Cells’). Listening to album gives the impression of five musicians following their musical heart that beats in the rhythm of hard rocking music. This is per se a good thing. In this case it also delivers some great songs of which dark grooving ‘Omen’ is the best one. This tune is a real smasher that sticks right away and you can’t get it out of your mind that quickly.

When it comes to the album as an entirety I must say that it’s a scattered experience. It’s feels like a spontaneous recording that carries the idea the quintet had at the specific moment. This album isn’t targeting for a specific fanbase. It’s more an enthusiastic group of musicians that enjoy what they are doing and that follow their hearts. If the outcome will find some friends wasn’t the focus and it is what the future will tell.



  1. Cells
  2. Something Good
  3. Invicible
  4. Omen
  5. Carry a Brick
  6. Storm Charmer
  7. Young Hearts
  8. Keep Crawling
  9. Let Me Be (Your Girl)
  10. The Fire is Cold

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: April 26th, 2019



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