CD review DEVIL’S GUN ‘Sing for the Chaos’

(6/10) Swedish Devil’s Gun fires with ‘Sing for the Chaos’ a salvo of solid metal on you. The Småland metal unit, hailing from Växjö, premiered in 2016 with ‘Dirty’n’Damned’ and after a longer search it was traditional Heavy Metal that gave most energy.

Therefor it’s not a big surprise that also the the sophomore album takes it inspiration from bands like Accept and Judas Priest (‘To the Devil’). Songs like ‘Tear Down the Wall’ speak volume when it comes to influences.

The good thing with this album is the excellent guitar work that comes with each of the ten songs. Secondly it’s the level of energy that blows you away and last but not least it’s the powerful sound that adds to the positive side.

Things that are a downer are the closeness to their idols. It’s a bit too much Accept, U.D.O. and Judas Priest and a bit too little Devil’s Gun. Secondly I must say that after 4-5 songs the screaming became too much. Nothing against metal sirens at all, but less would have been more.

All in all I can conclude that ‘Sing for the Chaos’ has some good moments and shows some potential too. Now the guys have to cash it in with the next album.



  1. Killer Machine!
  2. Tear Down The Wall!
  3. To The Devil!
  4. Lights Out!
  5. Sing For The Chaos!
  6. Electrical Shock!
  7. Queen Of Destruction!
  8. Alligator Fuckhouse!
  9. Bad To The Bone!
  10. On The Road!

Label: Black Lodge Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 12th, 2019


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