Live report DEVIN TOWNSEND, An Evening With Devin Townsend, Grote Kerk, Haarlem – 11.04.2019

I can’t remember that I’ve ever been to church twice within less than a week, but now it happens. After having witnessed Long Distance Calling’s great show at Kulturkirche Altona it is guitar wizard Devin Townsend that invites for a special show to Grote Kerk in Haarlem.

Also this time it’s impressive to enter a building like the Grote Kerk. The dimension is totally different than most of the other venues and it’s an ambient that’s non-comparable at all. Unfortunately that goes for the temperature too. It is a cold evening in Haarlem and it is a cold evening in the unheated church too. This is the scenery for ‘An Evening With Devin Townsend’ and beside the temperature it fits perfectly to what the next three hours will be about. It’s a heart-warming Devin Townsend show that makes people forget about the coldness. So take your seat (since it’s a seated event), lean back and enjoy the show.

It goes without saying that such an event doesn’t have any opening act. It’s a 100% Devin Townsend show, which is divided into two sets. Although the church is huge, it’s an intimate atmosphere with a small stage that adds a special vibe to this concert. A few acoustic guitars, a few speakers and a set of soft toys are unusual for a concert, but it’s the perfect scenery for tonight.

The first part of this special event is dedicated to great songs penned by Townsend. An acoustic version of ‘Love?’ filled the room as well as calm versions of songs ‘Coast’ and ‘Heart Baby’, the latter being the gentle opener that night. Right before a break it is time to move from music to talking. It’s a known fact that Devin Townsend is a great entertainer and a first Q&A session brings this talent to forefront very well. Fans have to chance to write down some question to the Canadian guitarist and those are answered by Townsend himself, often with twinkle in the eye. Questions like “Would you play at my wedding” (by the way, the answer was ‘no’.), but also serious music related questions are addressed and answered in a typical Townsend fashion.

After a 20 minutes intermission, things continues, similar to part one. ‘Bring Him Home’ kicks-off part two, immediately followed by a continuation of the Q&A session. After nearly three hours it is ‘Life’ that ends this special evening with Devin Townsend, an event more than a concert.

These three hours were different than almost all other shows theses days. It was literally an evening with Devin Townsend, a night with music, talking and ”fan-interviews’. A great musician with excellent songs performed an special show at a venue that is as unusual as perfectly made for such an endeavor. ‘An Evening With Devin Townsend’, a concept that asks for repetition. Epic.


  1. Heart Baby
  2. Let It Roll
  3. Funeral
  4. Solar Winds
  5. Love?
  6. Ih-Ah!
  7. Deadhead
  8. Coast
  9. Hyperdrive
  10. Divine
  11. Bring Him Home
  12. Why?
  13. Nobody’s Here
  14. Life

Location: Grote Kerk, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Date: April 11th, 2019

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