CD review ROULETTE ‘Now!’

(8/10) Roulette is a band that might be known by some of the older readers of Markus’ Heavy Music Blog while the younger generation might not have heard of the band earlier. Roulette is a Swedish AOR band that is rooted in the ‘90s.

The phenomena with Roulette is the fact that they release some 7” of which the second one, ‘Fool For Your Love’, was a breakthrough on the Swedish market. What followed was a bumpy ride with renaming of the band, a record deal with CBS, too little support at the time and so on, leading to things slowing down over time.

2019 is the year of a strong return of Roulette. With ‘Now!’ the quartet releases a strong AOR album that couldn’t be expected that powerful. The quartet found the right success formula of great melodies, irresistible hooks and a rocking guitar sound, all together being assets of an album that’s a real highlight in a genre that often delivers repetitions. ‘Now!’ instead seems to be more of a statement that says: leave the past behind and focus on the ‘Now!’.

Light-hearted rock songs like ‘We Can Make It’ are great examples of AOR that is lively and refreshing. The same goes for the opener ‘Never Enough’ and ‘Turn it Around’ with its ‘Ohohoho’ sing-a-long parts. Even the emotional and calmer ‘Secret Room’ fits to this context and is an example of a good ballad, a song being sugar sweet but not sugar-coated.

‘Now!’ is a strong return of Roulette. The band, being a spearhead of Swedish AOR is back, stronger than ever.



  1. Never Enough
  2. Keep on Dreaming
  3. Soldiers of Love
  4. We Can Make It
  5. Secret Room
  6. Better Day
  7. Turn it Around
  8. The Only Way
  9. Another Night
  10. Right by Your Side

Label: Black Lodge Records

Genre: AOR

Release Date EU: March 22nd, 2019



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