CD review L.A. GUNS ‘The Devil You Know’

(8/10) L.A. Guns are a forerunner of sleaze rock. The band was formed in 1983 and it was the moniker of this band and its guitarist that added the ‘Guns’ to Guns’n’Roses. Axl Rose and Tracii Guns worked together in various constellations and bands with the guitarist being a driving factor. While Guns’n’Roses took off and became one of the most successful rock bands ever, L.A. Guns scored some success too but never reached a similar status as their former partners in rock.

L.A. Guns is a band that went through many line-up changes over time and the bumpy beginning wasn’t the only challenge the guys faced. Even two versions of L.A.Guns have been around between 2006 and 2012 before a reunion of frontman Phil Lewis and guitarist Tracii Guns brought back some of the old strength. ‘The Missing Peace’ was the first longplayer after this reunion and immediately shows the power and energy that was back with the sleaze rockers. Two years later it’s the newest release ‘The Devil You Know’ cements the return.

The sleaze rock pioneers present 10 new songs that belong to the best the guys released to date. Things start rather fast-past. ‘Rage’ is a dirty rocker that kicks off the album, an energizer per excellence. Also ‘Stay Away’ fires on all cylinders while ‘Gone Honey’ reminds more of ‘70s rock. ‘Loaded Bomb’ bridges to the ‘80s and it’s the title track that slows down things. ‘Needle to the Bone’ is a straight rock song and it’s a half-ballad named ‘Another Season in Hell’ that closes the album, a song that includes great solo parts by Tracii Guns.

The glorious return of L.A. Guns that began with ‘The Missing Peace’ finds an even better continuation with ‘The Devil You Know’. Both albums showcase a band that is best when Guns and Lewis work together on cool rock songs of which this album carries a lot of. Keep on rockin’.



  1. Rage
  2. Stay Away
  3. Loaded Bomb
  4. The Devil You Know
  5. Needle to the Bone
  6. Going High
  7. Gone Honey
  8. Don’t Need to Win
  9. Down That Hole
  10. Another Season in Hell
  11. Boom (Bonus Track)

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Sleaze Rock

Release Date EU: March 29th , 2019



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