CD review RHAPSODY OF FIRE ‘The Eighth Mountain’

(8/10) Rhapsody Of Fire is a band that found their success formula rather early in their career and they stick to it since then. ‘Legendary Tales’ introduced their symphonic metal in 1997 and was the starting point for 12 more records with ‘The Eighth Mountain’ being the newest one.

You don’t need to have a look into the crystal ball for assuming that Rhapsody Of Fire again unpacked the melodic cookie-cutter approach for ‘The Eighth Mountain’. They do and by doing it the band also lives entirely up to expectation, at least of mine.

Cinematic soundscapes, big melodies, a bombastic sound and mainly a high speed, these are the trademarks of Rhapsody Of Fire and they all come back on their newest delivery.

‘Abyss of Pain’ is the intro to the album that faces with ‘Seven Heroic Deeds’ a first uptempo smasher. Already at this early stage it’s obvious that Giacomo Voli (v) and Manuel Lotter (d), both joined in 2016, found their spot in the Italian powerhouse. Lotter’s hard-hitting drums provide the heartbeat for melodic smasher such as ‘Rain of Fury’.

Voli’s voice instead enriches the songs with his expressive vocals and it’s without any doubt Alex Staropoli’s keyboard sound that again creates the melodic foundation for each of the songs. Regardless if it’s the uptempo smashers or the cinematic moments (‘White Wizard’), melodies just catches you, if you want it or not. Even the calmer and dramatic ‘Warrior Heart’ fit into the context of this longplayer, although Rhapsody Of Fire pushes all the commercial triggers with this pathetic track.

The good thing with ‘The Eighth Mountain’ is the fact that there isn’t a real weak moment. You might like what you hear, or not. However Rhapsody Of Fire knows what they’re doing and they do it with full commitment. Otherwise an epos like ‘Tales of a Hero’s Fate’ couldn’t be realized. The epic closer has a running time of more than 10 minutes and carry’s enough excitement to be the Grande Finale of ‘The Eighth Mountain’.

The Italian quintet continues their journey through melodic and bombastic metal and delivers. The album meets expectation which means that if you’ve been a fan in the past you will like ‘The Eighth Mountain’ and vice versa.



  1. Abyss of Pain
  2. Seven Heroic Deeds
  3. Master of Peace
  4. Rain of Fury
  5. White Wizard
  6. Warrior Heart
  7. The Courage to Forgive
  8. March against the Tyrant
  9. Clash Of Times
  10. The Legend Goes On
  11. The Wind, the Rain and the Moon
  12. Tales of A Hero’s Fate

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: February 22nd, 2019



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