CD review RAVAGER ‘Thrashletics’

(7/10) Germany’s thrash metal scene includes with Kreator, Destruction and Sodom some real pioneers and it’s these legendary thrash bands that constantly inspire young bands up to date.

Bands like Traitor gained momentum over the last years and here comes another band that wants to leave their footprint. Ravager from Lower Saxony was founded four years ago and is the brainchild of guitarist Marcel Lehr, who started the group together with Dario Rosenberg (g).

After having got to a full line-up Ravager unveiled a first EP in 2016, leading to a deal with Iron Shield Records. A full-length debut was next and it’s ‘Thrashletics’, being the anticipated next strike. The sophomore album features nine songs, actually eight tunes and an intro.

‘Descending Dawn’ is the acoustic calm before the storm, a blast that lashes at listeners with ‘Mindblender’. The first ‘real’ song is a furious metal assault that’s not meant to take any prisoner. Ravager’s music is about spot-on thrash metal that doesn’t show any mercy. The title track and ‘Kill For Nothing’ are relentless metal songs with ‘Slaughter of Innocent’ breaking the pattern. While many songs are around 3-4 kinutes it’s this eight minutes long track being the epic moment on this album. It certainly comprises of fast metal blasts, but it also includes calmer moments, which intensity the metal attacks, making them even stronger.

‘Thrashletics’ is a pretty cool album, done by a band that’s young, wild and hungry. This longplayer deserves your attention.



  1. Descending Dawn
  2. Mindblender
  3. Thrashletics (Out of Hell)
  4. Society of Blunted State
  5. Dysphoria
  6. Slaugyter of Innocents
  7. Pit Stop … Don’t Stop in the Pit!
  8. Kill For Nothing
  9. Dead Future

Label: Iron Shield Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: February 15th, 2019



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