CD review KADINJA ‘Super 90”

(7/10) Paris, the city of love, is the homebase of a band that calls themselves Kadinja. The guys started in 2013 and debut in 2017 with an album called ‘Ascendancy’. After having inked a deal with Arsing Empire the guys do have a new album right in the starting blocks. ‘Super 90” is the name of this new longplayer that marks a next step for the French quintet.

‘Super 90’’ comprises of 11 songs, leading up to a running time of a bit less than an hour. The band describes their sound as progressive metal. If this terms makes you think of bands like Dream Theater or Symphony X I can state, that the sound of the French quintet is different.

A, in general, complex sound structure, is what’s the progressive element. What’s different though is rather modern riffing and guitar sound, plus the quite some screams that are balanced with clean singing. The combination of all this leads to cool songs like ‘From the Inside’ and modern metal tracks (‘Veronique’). As a counterpart it’s the soulful and acoustic ‘Episteme’ that adds to the variety of prog metal interpretations by the new band.

‘Super 90’’ is a debut that offers solid and modern progressive metal that has some outbursts into other genres. Shouts, growls (‘Strive’) and stomping riffs are well chosen sound elements. What’s missing is the common thread. It feels like this young band’s is still looking for their own sound and what they found so far sounds pretty good. Let’s see what the future will bring.



  1. Empire
  2. From the Inside
  3. The Modern Rage
  4. Icon
  5. The Right Escape
  6. Veronique
  7. Episteme
  8. Strive
  9. Muted Rain
  10. House of Cards
  11. Avec tout mon Amour

Label: Arising Empire

Genre: Modern Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: January 18th, 2019



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