CD review HERMAN FRANK ‘Fight the Fear’

(8/10) Herman Frank is best known for his work with German metal pioneers Accept. He was part of the legendary ‘Balls to the Wall’ album before he left the band after the album work was done. Frank returned to Accept in 2005 for some festival shows, followed by a reunion and three new longplayers.

But Herman Frank is more than solely a guitarist that played with Accept. He was part of German metal band Victory for many years, releasing legendary records like ‘Don’t Get Mad – Get Even’, plus many other bands and project he enriched with his guitar sound and/or production.

During the last years Frank also published some solo albums of which ‘Fight the Fear’ is the newest one. 14 songs lift the lid on the beauty of heavy metal. The guitarist again teamed-up with singer Rick Altzi, bassist Michael Hilgers and drummer André Hilgers. Last but not least it’s Heiko Schröder handling the second guitar on ‘Fight the Fear’.

Frank and his crew get off to a good start with ‘Until the End’, followed by the furious ‘Fear’. Both songs are great tunes – dynamic and powerful. The best song though is a bit further down on the tracklist. It’s the terrific ‘Hitman’ that belongs to the best metal tracks since quite a while. The song’s a great rocker with an earworm chorus you could get addicted to. This song’s a blast.

Records that carry the name of Herman Frank always delivered excellent heavy metal with a blistering guitar sound. ‘Fight the Fear’ doesn’t take a different route, showcasing a highly experienced guitarist that, after all the years in metal, still has something to say. ‘Fight the Fear’ is an energetic and passionate album, you shouldn’t miss.



  1. Until the End
  2. Fear
  3. Terror
  4. Sinners
  5. Hatred
  6. Hail & Row
  7. Hitman
  8. Stay Down
  9. Rock You
  10. Don’t Cross the Line
  11. Are You Ready
  12. Wings of Destiny
  13. Waiting for the Night
  14. Lost in Heaven

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: February 5th, 2019



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