CD review PAPA ROACH ‘Who Do You Trust?’

(8/10) This album is a kind of jubilee for Papa Roach, being the tenth album of the successful rock engine. ‘Why Do You Trust?’ is the name of this new longplayer, featuring 12 new tracks. The album picks things up where the quartet left off with ‘Crooked Teeth’, with the only exception of becoming even wider when it comes to styles that are merged on the new record.

A stable line-up secures continuity and sticking to the same producer team that did ‘Crooked Teeth’ is another important factor for keeping the compass needle showing into the same direction. With all the similarities in mind it’s not the big changes you can expect of this record. Papa Roach evolved their success formula and fine-tuned it. This effort results in 12 songs that stand for the entire range of sounds, from calm to aggressive.

In case you’re looking for some real highlights first, I can recommend ‘Renegade Music’ and the title track. Both tunes are perfectly done combination of rap, alternative, hard rock and metal. Together with a good power groove these songs are true energizers. The beauty with Papa Roach is that they create an own sound out of all these influences and it’s the rather stable line-up that helps to turn ambition into reality.

With ‘Elevate’ things get a calmer and more commercial touch and the same goes for the next track, ‘Come Around’. These tunes are great ones too but also a bit more for John Doe and friends. The heavier moments are definitely the better ones and fortunately the second half of the album does include those too. The uptempo ‘I Suffer Well!!!’ comes with an anarchic punk attitude, being the counterpart to ballad-like songs like ‘Problems’.

Towards the end it’s ‘Maniac’ that rocks pretty well before it’s up to ‘Better The Life’ to end Papa Roach’s 10th full-length release.

The new longplayer, having ‘Trust’ as a common thread throughout, is a next addition to Papa Roach’s success story and you don’t have to have deep look into the crystal ball to state that also this record will find its friends. As the previous releases also ‘Who Do You Trust?’ stands for an excellent mélange of styles. The album is melodic and catchy enough to reach a wider audience while it’s also heavy enough to not drown in mainstream.  Frontman Jacoby Shaddix and bandmates have the ability to perfectly make us of this toolkit and it’s the new album that shows that this quartet still has a lot to say.



1. The Ending
2. Renegade Music
3. Not The Only One
4. Who Do You Trust?
5. Elevate
6. Come Around
7. Feel Like Home 8. Problems
9. Top Of The World 10. I Suffer Well
11. Maniac
12. Better Than Life

Label: Eleven Seven Music

Genre: Modern Rock / Metal

Release Date EU: January 18th, 2019



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