CD review FEVER 333 ‘Strength in Num333rs’

(8/10) The current state of the world isn’t the best one and bands like Prophets Of Rage picked-up the topic a couple of years ago. They stand in a long tradition of other bands like Bad Brains, Public Enemy and Body Count, to mention just some bands that stood up for a world of justice, egality and equality.

Now it’s Fever 333 that funnels anger and rage about the current social and political situation into their own sound and music. Fever 333, that’s Jason Aalon Butler, Aric Improta and Stevis Harrison. It’s already this line-up and constellation that’s a first statement. It’s three guys having a different background in many aspects and what units them is their passion for music and the idealism of re-enforcing ‘community’, ‘change’ and ‘charity’.

‘Strength in Num333rs’ is the album that expresses all the mentioned. An intro and nine songs are the carrier of a message that’s screamed out to the world with Fever 333 combining hip-hop, rock and punk in a perfect fashion. ‘Strength in Num333ers’ is loud. It’s an album that can’t be ignored.

This raging longplayer has the chance to find quite some friends and supporters. It’s angry songs like ‘One of Us’, having the potential to start a movement. In addition to the heavy outbursts it’s the calmer ‘Am I Here? and the melodic parts of tunes like ‘Out of Control’ that allows Fever 333 to reach a wider audience with their message.

Music has the power to change things and this album helps to bring people together, starting a movement towards a better world. Fever 333 has something to say and hopefully a lot of people listen.



1. …
2. Burn It
3. Animal
4. Pray For Me
5. One Of Us
6. Inglewood
7. The Innocent
8. Out Of Control
9. Am I Here?
10. Coup D ́etalk

Label: Roadrunner Records

Genre: Crossover

Release Date EU: January 18th, 2019



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