CD review EVERGREY ‘The Atlantic’

(8/10) The metal year 2019 starts fulminant. Swedish Evergrey spend some time in the studio during 2018 and recorded with ‘The Atlantic’ their next milestone. The record, being number 11 since 1993, is the final chapter of a trilogy that started in 2014 with the ‘Hymns for the Broken’ album. A second chapter was added two years later with ‘The Storm Within’ and it’s ‘The Atlantic’ that closes a cycle.

As with the previous two longplayers also the new one focuses on life and all the twist and tweaks that come with it. The album is based on human interest stories with all their beauty, sadness, evil and glory. Frontman Tom S. Englund compares life with a journey across the ocean, heading towards unknown territory and distant shores, a metaphor that leads to ‘The Atlantic’ as the header for the newest Evergrey delivery.

Next to the continuation of the lyrical concept Evergrey’s sound picks it up too where the band left off with the predecessor. Powerful progressive metal is spread out over ten new chapters in which the quintet combines more complex sound structures with a good sense for melodies, all done and produced with the necessary edges.

‘A Silent Arc’ marks the starting point for this 54 minutes ‘Atlantic trip’ and it’s a heavy beginning. I can’t remember an Evergrey song with some similar heaviness,an opener that sets the tone of voice for the entire album.

A song you also should listen to the cinematic “All I Have’ with its big chorus, followed by the heavy pounding ‘A Secret Atlantis’. Catchy melodies dominate ‘Currents’, the most approachable track on the album and it is ‘Departure’ that shows Evergrey’s soulful side.

To conclude: ‘The Atlantic’ is a very strong album that unites heaviness, riffs, melodies and complexity to a great total. This album needs a few spins and it grows with each round on your record player.



  1. A Silent Arc
  2. Weightless
  3. All I Have
  4. A Secret Atlantis
  5. The Tidal
  6. End of Silence
  7. Currents
  8. Departure D
  9. The Beacon
  10. This Ocean

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Progressive Power Metal

Release DateEU: January 25th, 2019


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