Classics: LIEGE LORD ‘Master Control’

If you’re a regular reader of Markus’ Heavy Music Blog you probably read sometimes about a band called Liege Lord being a reference when it comes to power metal. This quintet started in 1982 (as Deceiver) and belongs to the pioneers of US Metal.

The powerhouse, hailing from Stamford, CT, premiered in 1985 with an album entitled ‘Freedom’s Rise’, followed by a strong second album – ‘Burn to My Touch’. The latter was Liege Lord’s first piece of work for Metal Blade and it was ‘Master Control’ that followed in 1988.

‘Master Control’ is Liege Lord’s most mature album, but unfortunately also the last release of a band that never got the attention they deserve. Compared to the previous milestone the third longplayer features a new singer. Joe Comeau, who later on also joined Overkill and Annihilator, became the band’s new singer and his powerful metal voice fits perfectly to each of the ten songs on ‘Master Control’.

Liege Lord’s – so far – final album is a very dynamic one, comprising of great power metal tracks. The entire A-side of ‘Master Control’ reflects US Metal in perfection. Songs like ‘Eye of the Storm’ and ‘Soldier’s Fortune’ belong to the best this genre ever brought up to surface, not to forget the mighty title track.

With ‘Kill the King’ the quintet also added a cover version to their longplayer. Covering a Rainbow classic is a tricky thing with a high risk of failure. Not in this case. Liege Lord sticks a lot to the original version by also adding a metallic touch to the hardrock classic.

After having listened to these five great songs it’s the B-side that provides a seamless and powerful continuation, starting with ‘Feel the Blade’. ‘Master Control’ is one of the few metal records that doesn’t contain any bad song, with ‘Suspicion’ featuring a Maiden-vibe before it’s the bombastic ‘Fallout’ that’s closing this record and also Liege Lord’s release schedule.

Liege Lord’s current status is on ‘active’ and a show at Wacken festival 2013 brought the band back in business, although a new album is out of sight. ‘Master Control’ is definitely the best Liege Lord album and it’s a milestone when it comes to Power Metal and Us Metal. A real classic.


  1. Fear Itself
  2. Eye of the Strom
  3. Master Control
  4. Kill the King (Rainbow cover)
  5. Soldier’s Fortune
  6. Feel the Blade
  7. Broken Wasteland
  8. Rapture
  9. Suspicion
  10. Fallout

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: US Metal

Release Date: August 18th, 1988

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