CD review DEVOUROR ‘Slay For Satan’ (EP)

(8/10) This EP comes from a band, based in Asia. Singapore, that’s where Devouror has their home base and it’s Malaysian Metal Zone Records that releases a first EP of this exotic powerhouse.

Devouror plays blackened death metal that finds its roots in bands like Possessed, Death and partially Sodom. ‘Slay For Satan’ is a raw ride. Each of the four tracks is a merciless riff attack. The quintet fires on all cylinders and what surprises is the songwriting and the brilliant production.

This EP got a sound that underlines Devouror’s riff power while still being differentiated and clear. It becomes very obvious that Devouror isn’t a band of rookies that want to try out some first steps with a newly founded metal band. These five guys know what they are doing and the result is impressive.

I haven’t had these guys on my radar, but I must say that this blank spot is not blank anymore.



1. The Decapitator 
2. Ritualized Debauchery 
3. Atomic Crossfire 
4. INRI 

Label: Metal Zone Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date: January 21st, 2019



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