CD review ALL GOOD THINGS ‘Machines’ (Deluxe Edition)

(8/10) All Good Things began is a studio project with longtime friends creating music based on their passion for good rock music. Maybe it was this approach that led to music that was well-received. All Good Things reached many rock fans via streaming platform such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. This success motivated the guys to take a next step, becoming a ‘real band’. This step also include the release of the debut album ‘Machines’ as a real disc.

Modern rock and metal seamlessly blend into each other on this debut, a longplayer that includes songs like ‘Break Through This Wall’, which manifests this very well. There is a lot of melody in the chorus, which makes the tune approachable and catchy, while in contrary it’s the eruption of guitars that creates a dynamic counterpart to the smooth hooks. Another song you shouldn’t miss is the rhythm-driven ‘Burn it Up’ and also ‘Machines’ belongs to the highlights of the album. In general, I must say that the heavy pounding outbursts are done very well and act as sonic energizers.

Next to these heavy tunes there are some mainstream oriented rock songs on ‘Machines’ also. ‘Beginning of the End’ is such a song that is well-crafted but also belongs to the category of ‘having heard before’. ‘We Shall Overcome’ is a track that follows a similar pattern and it’s this kind of tunes that help for radio airplay while it’s the louder moments that are the pearls on this album.

All in all you ‘Machines’ offers very well done modern rock that has enough metallic moments and rougher edges, helping the album to stick out of the masses.



  1. Machines
  2. For the Glory
  3. Break Through the Wall
  4. Beginning of the End
  5. Burn it Up
  6. Relentless
  7. Born Ready
  8. What Have I Become
  9. Never Die
  10. Four Letter Words
  11. Decimator
  12. We Shall Overcome
  13. End of the World

Label: Orchard

Genre: Modern Rock

Release Date EU: February 8th, 2019 – UPDATE: pending, new date will be announced by label




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