(*/10) You could question why this album gets an review on MHMB. The release has nothing to do with metal and it’s not even rock you get offered by this delivery.

But hey, it’s Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman that worked together and already this is reasons enough for listening to ‘Stripped’ and writing about it on the blog.

It was in early 2018 when the duo uncovered with ‘The Sun Will Dance in its Twilight Hour’ an acoustic album that was a treat for ears and mind. ‘Stripped’ is the next longplayer of these two iconic musicians.

Although it’s a new release, songs aren’t new. The duo traveled through Europe in 2018, promoting the latest album. The tour took them to 27 cities with an ever-changing setlist.

After having played the final show, Wilson and Wakeman tried to capture the chemistry of this tour and locked themselves in the studio for one day. The result of this effort is called ‘Stripped’ and will be released in the beginning of January.

The album features eleven soulful versions of ‘Laugh in Time’, originally being part of the previous studio album. Next to these tunes the album features two cover versions. The David Bowie song ‘Life on Mars’ is the opener of this album and ‘Feel Like Going Home (Charlie Rich) is the second cover song. Last but not least it’s ‘Soldiers’ that was recorded in the original Wilson arrangement, before it became a Headspace classic.

‘Stripped’ is mental relaxation in a hectic time. It’s a soundtrack that allows you to lean back, close the eyes and calm down. These songs are perfectly done and are a treat for everybody that allows him-/herslf to enjoy good music.



1. Life On Mars
2. Laugh in Time
3. Written In Anger
4. Tapestries
5. People Come And Go
6. Disciple
7. Seek For Adventure
8. I Won’t Blame Life
9. Soldier
10. The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour
11. Feel Like Going Home

Label: Blacklake

Genre: Acoustic

Release Date EU: January 11th, 2019

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