CD review BURNING WITCHES ‘Burning Witches + Burning Alive’ – re-issue

(8/10) Swiss-based Burning Witches debuted in 2017 via BW Records. The self-titled album was a wow moment. Eleven songs showed that there is the next generation of metal bands in Switzerland, following the legendary Krokus.

Destruction’s Schmier as well as VO Pulver, known from e.g. Gurd, were already involved in the production of the powerful premier, an album that acted as a springboard for the quintet to ink a deal with Nuclear Blast. This collaboration led to an equally good sophomore album, entitled ‘Hexenhammer’ and it’s also re-issues the debut mid-January. 

Pics by Martin Rahn
Editing Kai Swillus/Buntmetal

In addition to the debut, that re-release also includes four live tracks that have been previously released as an EP named ‘Burning Alive’. The package is a well-done summary for metalheads that git Burning Witches on their metal radar this year with ‘Hexenhammer’. 



Album (“Burning Witches”)
1. Black Widow
2. Burning Witches
3. Bloody Rose
4. The Dark Companion
5. Metal Demons
6. Save Me
7. Creatures Of The Night
8. We Eat Your Children
9. Creator Of Hell
10. The Deathlist
11. Jawbreaker

EP (“Burning Alive)
12. Metal Demons
13. Black Widow
14. Holy Diver
15. Burning Witches

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: January 18th, 2019

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