(9/10) Jon Schaffers Purgatory is releasing a new EP which isn’t that new either. Purgatory, the US metal band, was the founded in 1985 and was the predecessor of Iced Earth. Jon Schaffer was part of Purgatory, as well as singer Gene Adam and bassist Bill Owen. The guys published three demos and it’s this trio, together with Mark Prator (d), Jim Morris (g) and Ruben Drake went back in time and did a deep dive into Purgatory’s musical treasure box.

The guys have chosen five songs from this time and newly recorded them. The result of this work will be published sharp before Christmas and will lead to shining eyes of fans that call US metal to their favorite genre.

‘In Your Dreams’ is the first song on this EP and it’s a perfect example of revitalized US metal. Kept in a moderate pace the song convinces by its sharp riffs, intense vocals and dark vibe. Combining the old-school vibe with a modern sound works extremely well and creates quite some wow-moments. An acoustic guitar introduces ‘Dracula’,accompanied by soulful vocals that peak in a high-pitch scream, being the starting signal for a galloping metal anthem.

The jaw-dropping good ‘In Jason’s Mind’ can easily compete with the first two tracks, reflecting a bit more the sound of the NWoBHM. I had to think about the early Iron Maiden more than once while listening to the tune, esp. when it comes to guitars and riffing.

The dark and evil ‘Jack’ is the fourth chapter on the album before ‘Burning Oasis’ flags the ending of this 12”. It’s amazing how fast 25 minutes can pass by. To start Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory was a great idea since the songs are as relevant today as they were in the mid-80s. This release is a treat for everyone that loves US Metal and you shouldn’t miss it.



  1. In Your Dreams
  2. Dracula
  3. In Jason’sMind
  4. Jack
  5. Burning Oasis

Label: Century Media

Genre: US Metal

Release Date EU: December 21st, 2018

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