CD review LAST UNION ‘Twelve’

(8/10) Sharp before Christmas a new impressive metal album from Italy hits the shelves. The name of the band is Last Union, a powerhouse being the brainchild of singer Elisa Scarpeccio and guitarist Cristiano Tiberi. With a lot of ambition and passion, the duo started into the endeavor of a new band and what was a need though was a rhythm section. 

What began as a need became a rock solid rhythm group, comprising of no less than former Helloween drummer Uli Kusch and bass icon Mike LePond. These guys provide Last Union with a strong heartbeat that acts as a foundation for each of the twelve songs.

And if this would not be enough, one of the most respected singers in progressive metal, Dream Theater’s James LaBrie, has a guest appearance on some of the songs too. 

The fact that these musicians joined Last Union is already a first sign that the music must be good. And indeed, what the band delivers on ‘Twelve’ is good stuff. Although the label info sheet talks about progressive metal I think Last Union is more into melodic power metal. Melodic vocals lines and a good sense for hooks make songs like ‘The Best of Magic’ to little treats for your ears. 

Things get never too heavy, although the album has some edges. It might not be the sharpest ones, but it’s by far enough to escape from the triviality. The progressive aspect of ‘Twelve’ proves this a lot. Sme complexity comes to the forefront with tunes like ‘Taken’, one of the tracks with James LaBrie sharing vocal duties with Scarpecchio.

Last but not least ‘Twelve’ is build on a rather modern sound that’s powerful and dynamic. The sum of all the mentioned makes this album to a little highlight, closing of an exciting year in metal. I have to say that I haven’t had Last Union on my radar and this for sure changed with ‘Twelve’.



1. Most Beautiful Day
2. President Evil (Feat. James LaBrie)
3. Hardest Way
4. Purple Angels
5. The Best Of Magic
6. Taken (Feat. James LaBrie) – Radio Edit
7. 18 Euphoria
8. A Place In Heaven (Feat. James LaBrie)
9. Ghostwriter
10. Limousine
11. Back In The Shadow
12. Taken (Feat. James LaBrie)
13. President Evil (Feat. James LaBrie) – Video Version

Label: ROAR!

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: December 21st, 2018

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