CD review PALACE ‘Binary Music’

(7/10) Palace is pretty much of a one-man show. The rock outfit was founded by singer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Palace and the band is truly his brainchild. ‘Binary Music’ is the second album of Palace, done by Michael Palace in the lead and with Daniel Flores (d) as being the one adding the heartbeat to the ten songs.

Palace’ sound is influenced very much by the 80’s melodic rock and AOR. Things never get too heavy on ‘Binary Music’ and it’s also not the edges that makes this release to a thrilling one. This album is built on melodies and catchy soundscapes. Palace has a good sense for hooklines, which makes each of the ten songs to an anthem you can connect to right away and ‘Ohohohoh ’parts invite to a sing-a-long session already during the first spin of this album.

I can’t say that ‘Binary Music’ revolutionizes melodic rock.Within the frames of this genre it’s anyhow tough to stick out from the masses.Still there are enough tasteful ingredients added to this release, making it to a cool rocking album that avoids the traps of sticky sweet cliché. ‘Binary Music’ – well-crafted rock music for a wider audience.



  1. Binary Music
  2. Tears of Gaia
  3. Nothing Personal
  4. Promised Land
  5. Love Songs
  6. Dangerous Grounds
  7. Queen of the Prom
  8. Who’s Counting Time
  9. Julia
  10. To Have and To Hold

Label:  Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: November 30th, 2018

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