CD review WARPATH ‘Filthy Bastard Culture’

(8/10) Hamburg-based thrash’n’roller Warpath returned in 2017 with ‘Bullets for a Desert Session’. The album ended an 11 years hiatus and is followed by the next strike from the North, entitled ‘Filthy Bastard Culture’.

Warpath’s sixth longplayer is a strong one. I must say that I had the band on the radar during the 90’s, but I also have to admit that Warpath wasn’t a band I followed closely. The more I was surprised by the new longplayer. Comprising of a 13 songs tracklist plus an intro, the record offers aggressive metal with a dirty rock’n’roll vibe.

The starting point is an intro that you can skip without bad conscious since the real excitement begins with ‘Unbroken Soul’. Thrash metal meets Volbeat meets Motörhead, that’s how I would describe a song that merges heaviness and melody to something really impactful. \The god thing is, that ‘Unbroken Soul’ isn’t an exception; it’s the rule. Regardless if there’s a foot on the break, like with the slow ‘Believe in Me’ or if Warpath fires on all cylinders (‘F.U.’), the songs are well-crafted, energetic and pure rock’n’roll the evil way. ‘Killing Fields’ unveils the thrash roots with a riffing that reminds of Megadeth and ‘Slow Motion Violence’ reflects exactly what the title promises.

‘Filthy Bastard Culture’ is a pretty cool album. Warpath’s second era had a good start with Bullets for a Desert Session’ and the newest strike underlines the impression in an impressive way.





  1. The World Beyond
  2. Unbroken Soul
  3. Back to Zero
  4. Filthy Bastard Culture
  5. Believe in Me
  6. Into the Dark
  7. Killing Fields
  8. Below the Surface
  9. F.U.
  10. Violent Starr
  11. Slow Motion Violence
  12. St. Nihil
  13. Nebelkrähe (Digi bonus track)
  14. For the First Time (Digi bonus track)


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: November 23rd, 2018

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