CD review UNEARTH ‘Extinction(s)’

(8/10) Unearth belongs to the spearhead of US metalcore, being one of the most impactful outfits in this genre. The roots of Unearth go back to 1998 when the band started with an EP entitled ‘Above the Fall of Men’, the springboard for a successful career in metalcore.

Since then things grew dramatically and to date, it’s six longplayers being listed on Unearth’s discography. Since quite a while the band follows a kind of three years release pattern and knowing the latest longplayer, ‘Watchers of Rule’, saw the light of day in 2014, a new record must be on its way. And yes, it is. ‘Extinction(s)’ will get to the record stores this November.

The new album is with 38 minutes running time not one of the most extensive ones. The band focusses on the essence and avoids all kinds of ‘decorations’ and add-ons. Heavy breakdowns are present all over the place and listening to songs like ‘Survivalist’ is a pure treat for fans of this genre. ‘Extinction(s)’ is heavy and an aggressive riff monster. Enriched by mighty shouts of frontman Trevor Phipps the album unveils the entire greatness of metalcore on an energy level that is thrilling.

There is no single moment of lengthiness on ‘Extinction(s)’ and it’s the calmer parts, being weaved in here and there, that add extra excitement to the mix. Last but not least it’s the embedded melodies that create a counterpart to the brutal riffing, all leading to an energetic metalcore release.

Unearth add with their seventh album another unpolished and raw metalcore album to their discography. It would be a surprise if this album couldn’t connect to the success of the previous releases. At least all the ingredients are in place for a good and proper metalcore party.



  1. Incinerate
  2. Dust
  3. Survivalist
  4. Cultivation of Infection
  5. The Hunt Begins
  6. Hard Lined Downfall
  7. King of the Arctic
  8. Sidewinder
  9. No Reprisal
  10. One With the Sun

Label: Century Media

Genre: Metalcore 

Release Date EU: November 23rd, 2018

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