CD review SHVPES ‘Greater Than’

(8/10) Being ‘the kid of…’ can be advantage and burden at ones. Especially the kids of Iron Maiden musicians seem to be pretty active and there is almost no review that doesn’t link the youngsters to the famous father. Lauren Harris, daughter of Maiden bassist Steve Harris, is such an example and the same goes for her brother George, being guitarist at The Raven Age.

This time it’s Bruce Dickinson’s son Griffin that is part of a band that releases a new album these days. Shvpes, definitely a moniker not that easy to keep in mind, is a modern metal band that began in 2009 as Cytota. The guys changed the band name to Shvpes in 2015. Griffin Dickinson joined the band pretty much at the same time and a new era of the metal outfit started.

The band debuted in 2016 with ‘Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair’ in 2016 and the sophomore album follows as we speak. ‘Greater Than” is the title of the second album, a release featuring 12 songs.

The album starts with ‘Calloused Hands’, a song that features all elements of Shvpes sound. Strong guitar, a lot of groove, aggressive shouts and catchy melodies, all comes together. ‘Undertone’ picks up this vibe and ‘Someone Else’ that shifts gears. Shvpes add extra brutality to this song that reminded me in parts of the newer Machine Head. ‘Someone Else’ is for me the best song on the album and for sure a metallic wrecking ball.

What comes out of left field is ‘Two Wrong, No Rights’. The track fits to the context of songs on the album although taking a totally different road. This song is a grooving rap song, expressing an ease that differs from the rest. With less than two minutes running time the song could be seen as an interlude. However, it is a cool break on an aggressive album. After such a sidestep it’s ‘Rain’ bringing heaviness back to the game and it’s Matt Heafy’s (Trivium) voice that enriches this powerful anthem.

Shvpes’ second delivery is a metal album. The sound of the album is modern, dynamic and energetic. Modern metal and a solid crossover vibe dominate a dozen songs. These guys sound like a contemporary version of Limp Bizkit, without copying Fred Durst & Co.. Aggressive riffs and relaxing passages interplay in a great fashion, with a focus in the earlier.





  1. Calloused Hands
  2. Undertones
  3. Afterlife
  4. Someone Else
  5. Two Wrongs, No Rights
  6. Rain (feat. Matthew Kiichi Heafy)
  7. War
  8. Renegades
  9. Hey Brother
  10. I’m Stuck


Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: November 9th, 2018

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