CD review SODOM ‘Partisan’ – EP

(9/10) Tom Angelripper must be a busy guy these days. Not only that he released a new EP and an album with Onkel Tom, but he also recorded with ‘Partisan’ a new Sodom EP, the first release in the new line-up.

The three-track disc features two new songs and a live recording. Let’s go from the back to the top. The last song on this release is ‘Tired & Red’, recorded at this years Rock Hard festival. It was the first show Sodom played as a renewed fourpiece powerhouse and it was an electrifying gig. ‘Tired & Red’ gives a slight impression of this hot and summerly night in Gelsenkirchen. and you will enjoy it.


So let’s go then to the new songs. Name-giver of this EP is ‘Partisan’, a song based on a massive riff by Frank Blackfield.  ‘Partisan’ is one of the best Sodom songs since quite a while. Deadly riffing and a merciless working rhythm section are the base for the song, that’s lyrics are penned by Tom Angelripper himself. It’s like if you would translate the ‘Agent Orange’ days into the here and now. What a blast.

Although ‘Partisan’ fires on all cylinders there’s still enough ammunition for another highlight on this EP. ‘Conflagration’ is the second new song on this mini album. Sodom shifts gears, meaning speed increases. As the title track also this song showcases the German thrash metal legends in excellent shape. The song spreads an irresistible dynamic and it’s the grooving middle section that is an open invitation for a moshpit. 

I could witness Sodom’s Rock Hard festival performance and I was impressed. This EP is a logical continuation of what started on May 18th in Gelsenkirchen and we can already look forward to the next full-length album. with full excitement. Sodom starts into a new era and it has the potential to become the best one.





  1. Partisan
  2. Conflagration
  3. Tired & Red


Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: November 23rd, 2018

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