CD review THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA ‘Internal Affairs’ & ‘Skyline Whispers’ – re-issues

(8/10)/(8/10) One of the bands that celebrated a break-through some years ago was Swedish melodic rockers The Night Flight Orchestra. The band, fronted by Soilwork’s Björn Strid, inked a deal with Nuclear Blast and the first album for the German metal label became a huge success. ‘Amber Galactic’ was critically acclaimed and also the latest release, ‘Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough’, went right into the charts. 

What’s often forgotten is the fact that ‘Amber Galactic’ was already the third album of this melodic rock powerhouse. The band premiered in ‘Internal Affairs’ in 2012 and added with ‘Skyline Whispers’ and next album to their discography. Both longplayers have been released via Coroner Records and it is Nuclear Blast that re-issues these two discs in November.

The debut shows the band with a more classic rock based sound and it’s hits like ‘California Morning’ that still make it on the setlist of live shows. Three years later it was ‘Skyline Whispers’, being the next cornerstone. Songs like the catchy AOR rockers ‘Living for the Night’ and ‘Stiletto’ gave already an outlook of what to expect next. Melodies and hooks are The Night Flight Orchestra’s main ingredients and they know how to use them effectually. ‘Internal Affairs’ and ‘Skyline Whispers’ have been the springboard for where the band stands today and it is a good thing that the albums get a re-issue. If you missed them earlier, it’s the right time now for closing the gap.


The Night Flight Orchestra - Internal Affairs - Artwork

Tracklist ‘Internal Affairs’

  1. Siberian Queen 
  2. California Morning
  3. Glowing City Madness 
  4. West Ruth Ave 
  5. Transatlantic Blues 
  6. Miami 502 
  7. Internal Affairs 
  8. 1998 
  9. Stella Ain’t No Dove 
  10. Montreal Midnight Supply
  11. Green Hills Of Glumslöv
  12. Song For Ingebörg 


The Night Flight Orchestra - Skyline Whispers - Artwork

Tracklist ‘Skyline Whispers’

  1. Sail On
  2. Living For The Nighttime 
  3. Stiletto
  4. Owaranai Palisades 3
  5. Lady Jade
  6. I Ain’t Old I Ain’t Young 
  7. All The Ladies 
  8. Spanish Ghosts 
  9. Demon Princess 
  10. Skyline Whispers 
  11. Roads Less Travelled 
  12. The Heather Reports 
  13. September You’re A Woman 


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Classic Rock /AOR

Release Date EU: November 23rd, 2018

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