CD review BLACK OATH ‘Behold the Abyss’

(7/10) Italian doom metallers Black Oath started in 2006. It was A.Th who founded this formation and it’s him being the constant factor of Black Oath. With ‘Behold the Abyss’ the trio has a new album right in the starting blocks. It follows the 2015 release ‘To Below and Beyond’ and marks the band’s premiere when it comes to a collaboration with High Roller Records.

‘Behold the Abyss’ comprises of six songs, all being rather long and epic and it’s the title track being the first cornerstone you meet. It’s a nine minutes epos that’s mainly kept at a slower pace. It’s a gloomy song, strengthened by great melodies and a heavier section in the last third. ‘Behold the Abyss’ is a well-done start into the album.

Each of the songs in itself is a great interpretation of doom metal with dark shades being spread out over each of the tunes. What makes the release a bit lengthy though is, that Black Oath sticks too much to the same formula. Shifting gears, like with ‘Lilith Black Moon’ acts as an appreciated distraction and more of these moments wouldn’t disturb at all. It’s not the songs itself, but the combination of all of them that could handle a bit more variation.

To sum up. ‘Behold the Abyss’ is a solid doom metal album, coming with great songs that could benefit of a bit more diversity within the frames of doom- and epic metal. However, it’s still worth to check out the album.





  1. Behold the Abyss
  2. Chants of Arabia
  3. Lilith Black Moon
  4. Once Death Sang
  5. Profane Saviour
  6. Everlasting Darkness


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Epic Doom Metal

Release Date EU: November 16th, 2018

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