CD review HAKEN ‘Vector’

(8/10) Haken is a band that releases records on a quite regular base and after their first live album has been launched some months ago it is the next studio album that reaches the record stores end of October.

‘Vector’ is the fifth studio album of the London-based prog rockers and it’s for sure an interesting one. The capability of Haken to write great songs is something that’s well-known. What makes ‘Vector’ to an exciting sonic adventure is the heaviness that’s added.

An intro named ‘Clear; kicks-off the album in a calmer fashion before ‘The Good Doctor’ feels like a logical continuation of the ‘Affinity’ album. It’s a very rhythm-based track with good hooks. 

Literally, the centerpiece of the album is ‘Veil’. It’s a calm and piano-based start, with almost fragile vocals. After while the heavy guitars kicks-in and powerful riffs get to the forefront. Keyboards create a solid and melodic base for Charlie Griffiths’ riffpower. The song gains it’s dynamic by a constant interaction of loud and calmer parts.

‘Nil By Mouth’ continuous with a heavy vibe and is the hardest song on the album. This increased heaviness fits Haken very well and listening to ‘Nil By Mouth’ reminded me of bands like Dream Theater – not a too bad reference.

The soulful parts of Haken are the base for ‘Host’. It’s a song that goes without loud and noisy parts. It’s the cinematic soundscapes and a cinematic expression that make this tune to a great one on the album and well-placed counterpart to the heavier previous track. Haken puts a lot of feel into this track and it is the jazzy beginning that immediately shows the contrast to the louder tracks on the album. 

Haken added with ‘Vector’ and excellent fifth studio record. As not expected different, the album is a treat for ears and mind. It showcases a band that’s growing and evolving their sound by keeping their roots alive. Well done Haken.





  1. Clear 
  2. The Good Doctor 
  3. Puzzle Box 
  4. Veil 
  5. Nil By Mouth 
  6. Host 
  7. A Cell Divides 


Label: InsideOut

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: October 26th, 2018




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