CD review GAMA BOMB ‘Speed Between the Lines’

(7/10) Gama Bomb from Northern Island adds a new chapter to their discography, entitled ‘Speed Between the Lines’. It’s the second album the band launches via AFM Records and the bands picks it up where they left in 2015 with ‘Untouchable Glory’.

As with the previous release also the new album sticks out with a rather unusual artwork for a thrash metal release. The ‘silver sprinter’, inspired by 70’s/80’s sci-fi paperback novels, is something you don’t find that often on releases of thrash- and speed metal bands. It characterizes though the music on ‚Speed Between the Lines’ in a really good way.

The new album is the sixth release of Gama Bomb and it comes with 12 songs. The five-piece from Northern Ireland doesn’t stand for epical long songs with many twists and frills. Gama Bomb stands for furious metal that is mostly beyond any speed limit. And as the sprinter on the packaging, each of the songs is more a 100 m sprint rather than a marathon.

Basically, you can drop the needle of your record player wherever you want, you will not be disappointed. ‘Give Me Leather’ is the uptempo opener, showing some Overkill cross-references, and it’s ‘Faceblaster’ that finishes the longplayer, again with a high pace and a merciless beat. Everything in between is well-crafted speed metal. Tunes like ‘Motorgeist’ with its uncompromising tempo and the dynamic ‘Bring Out the Monster’ stand for good metal that refers back to the earlier days of thrash metal.

What’s a bit of a minus is that Gama Bomb sticks too much to one pattern. Pushing the pedal to the metal is a good thing, but here it’s all the time. A bit more variation would have added extra excitement to this release. However, the energy that comes with ‘Speed Between the Lines’ is awesome. Gama Bomb‘s passionate about metal and that’s what they express on their sixth album. Keep on rocking guys.





  1. Give me Leather
  2. A Hanging
  3. 666teen
  4. Bring Out the Monster
  5. R.I.P.U.
  6. Motorgeist
  7. Alt-Reich
  8. Stay Rotten
  9. We R Going 2 Eat U
  10. Kurt Russell
  11. World Gone to Hell
  12. Faceblaster


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 5th, 2018

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