STAHLZEIT ignited a Rammstein fireworks in Zoetermeer

As being a fan of German shock rocking Rammstein you aren’t spoiled with new releases and live shows. Very rarely the band enters the stage again and if so, it’s the big festivals they headline, not even starting to think about album releases. To close the gap, at least a little bit, it’s a cool thing to have bands like Stahlzeit, maintaining the spirit of Rammstein.

The band, partly consisting out of members of Maerzfeld, started in 2004, when Maerzfeld played some first Rammstein cover versions. Things evolved over time, Stahlzeit was born and one of the best Rammstein coverbands embarked on a successful journey.

The band is very well-known in Germany and the spark starts to ignite a fire also in other European countries. A few days ago it was the sold-out Boerderij in Zoetermeer that acted as a host for this flaming rock show, the Rammstein Tribute show.

For me, who witnessed one of the earlier Rammstein concerts, it felt like a time travel. It’s impressive how close sound, fire, flames, pyros and singer reflect the legendary German rock veterans. Singer Heli Reissenweber looks and sounds like the twin brother of Till Lindemann and the way Reissenweber is in sync with gestures and movements of Lindemann is impressive.

Folks at Boerderij obviously enjoyed every minute of an impressive show that featured many Rammstein hits. It didn’t matter if it is Stahlzeit or Rammstein. Listening to songs like ‘Du hast’, ‘America’ and ‘Rammstein’ at a smaller venue is pure entertainment, the latter with Reissenweber even wearing the original Lindemann chain mail with the arms in flames. Before I went to this show I wasn’t sure what I should expect. Any potential doubt burned down to ashes after the first song and I can conclude that a ‘Rammstein Tribute Show’ by Stahlzeit is definitely worth a visit.



Venue: Cultuurpodium Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Date: September 29th, 2018

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