Live (Photo-) report EUROPE / KING KING, 013, Tilburg – 26.09.2018

‘Final Countdown’ experts of Europe are on tour as we speak and had a stop at 013 in Tilburg.

As a support, they had Scottish blues rockers King King with them on the road and the opener impressed. The quartet got with 45 minutes a quite long playing time for being the opening act and the four Scotsman used it perfectly. This four-piece from Glasgow was fascinating from beginning to end and folks appreciated every song played. King King is an excellent band with a lot of feel and dedication that’s weaved into their organic and warm bluesy sound. Combined with a great sense for melodies and a cool visual expression King King was the unexpected winner the day. These guys were definitely a highlight and you should check them out in case you haven’t heard about them till now.

Europe started with ‘Walk the Earth’ into a set that was pretty much equally built on four albums. ‘The Final Countdown’ and ‘Out of This World’ represented the earlier days with in total seven songs while the latest album ‘Walk the Earth’ contributed with another four songs to the party. A highlight for sure was ‘Scream of Anger’ which showed the bands metallic cluster. Europe is veterans in rock music and after all these years in music, you can foresee what to expect. The quintet constantly delivers great quality and professional shows and the Tilburg concert did change things at all. However, it was the surprise element that was missing, the spices that make a difference.

After running through a 20 songs comprising setlist it as the legendary ‘The Final Countdown’ that made fans go bonkers. The song is still an icon in each Europe show and it’s the live version that gives a bit more of a harder appeal compared to the original studio setup. The all-time classic ended a professional a concert that showed the professionalism of rock veterans and the fresh and impressive power of Scottish blues rock. King King – a new star in the blues-rock sky.


Setlist Europe:

  1. Walk the Earth
  2. The Siege
  3. Rock the Night
  4. Hole in My Pocket
  5. Last Look at Eden
  6. Pictures
  7. Firebox
  8. Ready or Not
  9. Turn the Dust
  10. Sign of the Times
  11. Vasastan
  12. GTO
  13. Carrie
  14. Nothin’ to Ya
  15. Drum Solo
  16. Scream of Anger
  17. War of Kings
  18. Superstitious
  19. Cherokee
  20. The Final Countdown


Location: 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Date: September 26, 2018

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