CD review DC4 ‘Atomic Highway’

(8/10) In an almost clandestine way, DC4 released their fourth full-length album ‘Atomic Highway’. DC4, that’s almost family business if you will. It’s the three Duncan brothers, Jeff, Matt and Shawn, together with former Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson. The successor of the 2011 album ‘Electric Ministry’ sneaked into the stores mid-September and is available in a digital version in Europe. The physical formats look like to be ‘Import’ versions only.

However, it’s worth to check out the ten songs on ‘Atomic Highway’. Not only that DC4’s new album features a guest contribution of Armored Saint frontman John Bush and Dizzy Reed on ‘Baba ORiley’, a The Who cover, but it’s also the entire album that releases a hardrock thunderstorm with blistering solos, great hooks and a lot of rock’n’roll spirit.

This album comes without any filler. All ten songs are powerful. Straight up rockers like ‘Queen of Angels’ and ‘Atomic Highway’ are as good as the soulful ballad ‘21st Century Love’ and the mentioned The Who cover version of ‘Baba ORiley’.

Last but not least it’s the excellent sound of this release that will please fans of powering hard rock. No less than Bill Metoyer himself was at the helm when it comes to production, mix and mastering.

All this together makes ‘Atomic Highway’ to an extremely well-done release that focusses on the power of rock. This quartet wants to rock the house and they for sure do. ‘Atomic Highway’, worth a ride.





  1. Progeny
  2. Queen of Angels
  3. Atomic Highway
  4. Something In My Head
  5. Dominique
  6. Castaway
  7. One and Only
  8. Baba O’Riley
  9. 21st Century Love
  10. Seize the Day


Label: HighVolMusic

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018

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