CD review HAMMER KING ‘Poseidon Will Carry Us Home’

(8/10) Even though Kaiserslautern, Germany has no geographical connection to the sea, it’s Hammer King that got inspired by the ocean. The band, consisting out some Ivory Night members, is fronted by former Ross The Boss singer Titan Fox V. In contrary to the assumption of a Manowar copycat and in contrary to the debut, Joey Di Maio and band don’t influence the sound on ‘Poseidon Carry Us Home’ that much.

‘Poseidon Will Carry Us Home’, that’s the title of Hammer King’s third album, features 12 new songs. I mentioned already the sea as a main topic of the album, which immediately creates a link to German metal pirates of Running Wild. And indeed, also some of the songs show some parallels with Rock’n’Rolf. ‘Battles of Wars’, as an example, is a song, Running Wild could have done too.

Furthermore the album shows the band’s fascination for Swedish Hammerfall and there are more similarities than the word ‘hammer’ being part of both monikers. Voice, guitars and vocal lines of songs like ‘Glorious Night of Glory’ show the source of inspiration very clearly.

Furthermore, there is ‘We Sail Cape Horn’ with a Maiden-esque beginning and the grooving ‘Warriors of Angelhill’, a song in slower pace and equipped with a catchy vibe. The songs is real earworm and it’s hard to get the melody out of your mind.

‘Poseidon Will Carry Us Home’ includes everything you could expect from Hammer King: the reference to some traditional metal bands, the artwork including the hammer, the theme the record is built on and the catchy, but heavy songs that stick immediately. No doubt, Hammer King, doesn’t create music you’ve never heard earlier. This album is about the pure joy of metal and it’s the extremely well implemented entertainment factor that makes this album to far more than solely a copy of music we know already. This longplayer needs to be looked at with a twinkle in the eye and then it starts to give pleasure from start to end.





  1. Poseidon Will Carry Us Home
  2. The King is a Deadly Machine
  3. Battle of Wars
  4. 7 Days and 7 Kings
  5. Warriors of Angelhill
  6. Where the Hammer Hangs
  7. Last Rites
  8. Glorious Night of Glory
  9. Locust Plague
  10. At the Mercy of the Waves
  11. We Sail Cape Horn
  12. Meatus Majestatis


Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: October 5th, 2018

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