CD review MAYAN ‘Dhyana”

(9/10) Dutch powerhouse MaYan is back with a new longplayer. It’s not that the band released many records over the last years, but it’s the quality of each of the albums that’s stunning. After having debuted in 2011 with ‘Quaterpast’ the band unveiled their next strike with ‘Antagonise’ in 2014. Both records were critically acclaimed and were also received very well by fans of melodic death metal.

Four years after the last album hit the shelves it is ‘Dhyana’ that sees the light of day as we speak. Filled with 11 songs and more than an hour running time the album is a next highlight the band added to their discography.

The beauty with Mayan is the fact that they merge so many different styles and sounds by not losing a common denominator. Also, the new album features a lot of different sounds, starting with the calm and classic title track, one of the songs MaYan gets support from the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The counterpart to such a soulful moment is the harsh death metal smasher ‘Maya – The Veil of Delusion’. Growls, mighty riffing and big choir-parts go hand in hand with orchestra parts, lifting things from a standard song level to a bombastic anthem. A song, following a similar pattern, is the opener ‘The Rhythm of Freedom’, which is a great choice for starting the album. It creates an appetite for more.

Gentle piano parts and racing guitar leads are equally spread over ‘Saints Don’t Die’ and it’s the well-crafted ‘Satori’ that even adds a cinematic moment to this longplayer.

MaYan is a band that understands how to get together excellent musicians and in particular singers, that collaborate as one solid unit. It feels like everybody in Mayan is challenging each other without competing. By having such a mode of operation each of the songs becomes a little masterpiece on its own. And it’s the totality of songs on ‘Dhyana’ that leads to a bombastic, heavy, harsh and soulful longplayer. ‘Dhyana’ is an album you should miss.





  1. The Rhythm of Freedom
  2. Tornado of Thoughts – I don’t Think There
  3. Saints Don’t Die
  4. Dhyana
  5. Rebirth from Despair
  6. The Power Process
  7. The Illusion Self
  8. Satori
  9. Maya – The Veil of Delusion
  10. The Flaming Rage of God
  11. Set Me Free


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Symphonic Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 21st, 2018

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