CD review STRATOVARIUS ‘ENIGMA: Intermission 2’

(8/10) I guess that most of you are familiar with  Stratovarius’  ‘Intermission’ album from 2001. The record was a compilation that mainly featured live recordings, B-sides and bonus tracks of the Finnish powerhouse.

17 years later, Stratovarius reveals a new album and it’s called ‘Enigma: Intermission 2’. As with part one, also volume 2 comprises of songs we know from the past. However, there are three new songs on the album too. 

The album starts with ‘Enigma’, which is the first song that premieres on the album. The tune features all the typical Stratovarius trademarks and fits perfectly. Timo Kotipelto’s great voice, the hooks, rocking guitars and a solid portion of melodies, that’s what fans expect and it’s what they get with the title track. 

‘Burn Me Down’ is the next new song and also this tune delivers to expectation. A bit more rhythm-based the track has some ear-worm potential. The third new song is entitled ‘Oblivion’. It’s a more mid-paced song and to me the least exciting one of this triple. It’s a kind of predictable scheme that characterizes the track. I was waiting for the song ‘to explode’ but it flows like a river in a straight river bed – no twists.

Next to the new songs, the band re-recorded four classics in an orchestral version, which gives the tracks a new appeal. Last but not least and since it’s the same concept as with ‘Intermission’, the album contains several bonus tracks and songs that have been unreleased in Europe so far. 

So, in a certain way ‘Enigma: Intermission 2’ comes with some exciting stuff and it’s especially the two of the new tracks that showcase a band that knows how to play melodic metal in a good way. Also, the orchestral version adds some extra to this release, that is more than a simple ‘best of…’. The world wasn’t maybe waiting for this release, but it doesn’t cause ear-pain either. I guess it becomes more exciting to see the guys on tour since they will be on the road for a co-headliner tour with Tarja in autumn.





  1. Enigma  (New song 2018)
  2. Hunter
  3. Hallowed††
  4. Burn Me Down  (New song 2018)
  5. Last Shore††
  6. Kill It With Fire*
  7. Oblivion  (New song 2018)
  8. Second Sight*
  9. Fireborn
  10. Giants*
  11. Castaway*
  12. Old Man And The Sea††
  13. Fantasy (New orchestral version 2018)
  14. Shine in the Dark (New orchestral version 2018)
  15. Unbreakable (New orchestral version 2018)
  16. Winter Skies (New orchestral version 2018)


*previously unreleased in Europe

rare bonus track

†† rare bonus track – for the first time on CD


Label: earMUISC

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: September 29th, 2018

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