CD review HORSEMAN ‘Of Hope, Freedom and Future’

(8/10) Starting a review with talking about the artwork isn’t what I normally want to do, but in this case I have to. The reason for it is, because it was misleading for me of what to expect from this release. I missed the earlier albums of German metallers Horseman and wasn’t sure what to expect. A glimpse on the artwork made me think about a lot of different sounds, but certainly not of what this album is about.

German Horseman premiered in 2011 with their ‘Centaurus’ album and it’s the new release ‘Of Hope, Freedom and Future’ that ends a waiting time of 7 years.

While the debut included some more hardcore-roots it’s the new album that shifts the sound towards modern thrash metal that comes with powerful riffs and a lot of energy. Aggressive vocals add extra horsepower to each of the twelve songs and it’s the hardworking rhythm section that creates a rock solid base for songs like ‘Fold Keep Marching’. Listening to the album brought bands like Pantera and Lamb Of Gods to my mind.

Horseman sometimes pushes the pedal to the metal. The racing ‘The Giant’ is such a song, mainly full-speed-ahead and with furious solos. Next to the speedsters the album features some mid-paced tracks also, of which ‘Hunters’ is one of. Equipped with a merciless groove the song unfolds its beauty already during the first time you listen to it.

To sum up: ‘Of Hope, Freedom and Future’ is a rock solid metal record. Aggressive riffs, blistering solos and a heavy groove are the main assets, leading to a well-done and modernized thrash metal sound, which you might not want to miss.





  1. Of Hope, Freedom And Future
  2. A Thousand Wars
  3. Hunters
  4. See Me Hanging
  5. The Monsters I Feed
  6. Die Gedanken Sind Frei
  7. Teach Them To Question
  8. An Open Mind Breaks Down Walls
  9. The Giant
  10. Fools Keep Marching
  11. The Final Dance
  12. Shellshock


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Modern Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: September 21st, 2018


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