CD review URIAH HEEP ‘Living the Dream’

(8/10) Uriah Heep are real veterans in rock. Having a band up and running for 47 years is an impressive endeavor. In these almost five decades Mick Box and band released 24 studio records and it is ‘Living the Dream’ being the next one that sits right in the starting blocks.

It goes without saying that there have been some changes in the line-up that happened over all these years with guitarist Mick Box being the constant factor. One of the secrets of Uriah Heep though might be this mix of new members and more experienced Uriah Heep legends. Phil Lanzon and singer Bernie Shaw joined the band in 1986 and became a crucial part of the line-up while Russell Gilbrook and Davey Rimmer being the more ‘recently’ joined band members if you will.

As not expected differently, ‘Living the Dream’s comprises of excellent classic rock songs and hymns like the title track are a treat for your ears. While some other band struggle in combining melody and hardness, it feels like the most natural thing on earth for these pioneers in rock. 

It doesn’t feel like the band had to make any compromise choosing songs for this longplayer. To stress the cliche … there are no fillers on ‘Living the Dream’. Next to the title track I like ‘Knocking at My Door’ with its galloping beat, but also the bluesy ‘Rocks in the Road’ shows all the songwriting skills of Mick Box. The song is an eight minutes milestone on the album that surprises with a soulful keyboard section in the middle part.

Tunes like the uptempo ‘Goodbye to Innocence’ rounds of a very well done rock album of a band that belongs to the highly influential ones  in rock history. ‘Living the Dream’ expresses exactly the momentum the band is in. These guys are living their dream since decades, a journey that hopefully continues for some more years. ‘Living the Dream’ is a fascinating album and you shouldn’t miss it.





  1. Grazed By Heaven
  2. Living The Dream
  3. Take Away My Soul
  4. Knocking At My Door
  5. Rocks In The Road
  6. Waters Flowin
  7. It’s All Been Said
  8. Goodbye To Innocence
  9. Falling Under Your Spell
  10. Dreams Of Yesteryear
  11. Take Away My Soul (Alternate Version) Bonus Track (Deluxe Edition Only)


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018

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